We offer a full probate and administration service.

The following summary is designed to give you an overview of the procedures required.


The first thing to arrange is the death certificate. Your funeral director will give you a form to take to your local registrar of births, deaths and marriages. The local registrar will issue the death certificate with copies. You will usually need a number of copies as the various organisations holding money or funds in the deceased’s name (called the Creditors) will want to see an official copy death certificate.


The Will appoints an executor or executors, who will be responsible for collection of all the property and assets of the deceased and distributing them in accordance with the instructions in the Will.


An appropriate person must be appointed to act as administrator. This will normally be the next of kin.

You then need to collect the necessary information from the Creditors.

If the deceased owned freehold or leasehold property, you will need to obtain a valuation from a valuer or estate agent.

If the deceased owns freehold or leasehold property with other persons, you may need help ascertaining the value of the deceased’s share. If you do we can help.

If you need conveyancing services to transfer the leasehold or freehold property to another person we can help with this also.

When you have collected all the information, you will then need to complete a tax return form and make a sworn oath as to the circumstances of the deceased’s estate.

At times of bereavement you may prefer sympathetic, professional and knowledgeable advice. We are here to give that advice.

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