It is important to make a Will to express your wishes and  have peace of mind about your nearest and dearest and your property, assets and possessions after you have gone. Without a Will, your property, assets and possessions are subject to the rules of intestacy. Did you know that if you die without a will, leaving children, grandchildren or great grandchildren, your spouse or civil partner will get only your personal belongings, the first £250,000 of your estate and half of the remainder.

It is especially important to make a Will if you are not married or registered civil partners as the law does not recognise couples who live together (cohabitants) as having the same rights as a husband, wife or civil partner. This means you could live with your partner for many years and upon your death or the death of your partner they or you could be left with nothing.

It is also of vital importance to make a Will if you have children or a loved one who are dependent upon you so as to ensure there is no uncertainty about who will look after or provide for them should you die.

A professionally drafted Will allows you to ensure the appointed Executors, Trustees and Guardians within your will are the people you have personally chosen to deal with your estate.

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